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If a popular song in Euskera says "Kupela, kupela sagardoaren hotela" (the barrel is the hotel of cider), we could also say that the cider bar is a temple for people who loeave to eat and drink well. An ideal place to come together on a chilly day with family and friends and enjoy the great atmosphere, good food and a refreshing glass or two of cider or a good wine...

Apples give the best of themselves in the form of juice to make this sparkling, refreshing drink. A T-bone steak comes to your table, well done or rare and full of flavour, straight from the charcoal grill.

The tried and tested menus is also ready and waiting for you: first course, chorizos in cider and cod omelette; main course, diced cod with green peppers or a delicious steak; and for dessert, local cheese with quince and walnuts. The cider flows freely and you can serve yourself from the kupela or barrel.

Surely you won't leave without trying one?


Razones para no perdértela

Razones para no perdértela
Primavera Verano Otoño Invierno

The best moment

From mid January with the opening of the kupelas (barrels) and the celebration of the txotx (stick that covers the hole the first cider flows through) to the end of May.
How to finish the day

How to finish the day

Visit the old quarters of the city where the cider bars are and take a walk around the green spaces that surround them.


There are 4 cider bars that go through the entire cycle: they cultivate the apples, produce the cider, store it in barrels and bottle it. These temples of the cider-making art are Larraldea in Lekaroz, Linddurren Borda in Lesaka, Behetxonea in Beruete and Toki-Alai in Lekunberri.